Wyoming Women’s Rugby Attends Atavus Rugby Training Camp

November 15, 2017 WRO

LARAMIE, Wyoming- November 15, 2017

On November 18 and 19, 2017 players and a coach of the University of Wyoming Women’s Rugby team are attending the Atavus USA Rugby Training Camp in Denver, CO. This camp is an opportunity for rugby players to improve skills and game understanding during the off season. Atavus coaching philosophy focuses on developing instincts, maximizing player potential, preparing athletes to achieve their goals, and training players with the skills for the modern game. The attending players are excited for an opportunity to increase their playing level after a successful fall season and in preparation for a spring tournament season. Wyoming Rugby Organization (WRO) and sponsors are assisting the players with the program costs to make traveling to the camp possible for as many players as possible.

“I am excited because I have never been to a rugby camp before. The camp provides an opportunity to experience a different coaching style and expand my perspectives and knowledge of the sport!” attending player, Lauren Meisenheimer.

Attending players are across all experience levels, creating an opportunity for development and improvement across the team as a whole. The players attending include Lauren Meisenheimer, Abby Carver, Steffany Stephenson, Sarah Pope, Samantha Condon, Raegan Danielle Dumont, Savannah Hook, Sara Griffith, Kelsi DeRosier, Jordan McCracken, Jessie O’neal, Trista May, Mckenna Worden, and Christopher Rumple (Coach).

Having a group of players this large attend a highly rated rugby camp is an excellent opportunity to not only benefit these individuals with the skills and training they receive, but also in sharing their gained insight and techniques with the team once they return. Wyoming Women’s Rugby would like to thank the WRO and associated sponsors for helping and growing the club: A-1 Recovery & Towing, Born in a Barn, Cavalryman Steakhouse, Cloud Peak Energy, and Elite Medical Supplies. LLC.