Wyoming High School 2018 Rugby Clinic

December 19, 2017 WRO

Wyoming Rugby Organization (WRO) is combining efforts with USA rugby to build a foundation for the game of rugby across America. The popularity of Rugby is steadily increasing in America, and currently there are over 60,000 youth rugby athletes in the United states from ages 6-18 years of age. A majority of the states in America have thriving high school rugby competitions. In Wyoming, high school boys rugby clubs were almost successful in Fremont County and Gillette. However, those players, parents, and coaches had to travel 6-8 hours to Montana and Utah to play any high school rugby competition. This became a burden to all the members and parents, and unfortunately the clubs folded.

WRO has been getting a lot of interest from both female and male high school athletes about playing rugby in Wyoming. These athletes, unfortunately, do not have access, training, and support to play rugby around the Cowboy state. Moreover, a majority of the student athletes around Wyoming have never seen or played rugby before, but their interest in learning and playing rugby is bountiful. So what better than to introduce them to rugby at the University of Wyoming Indoor practice facility?  

WRO and Grant Statton (Owner/trainer at Hybrid Athletics and UW Rugby Alumni All American) have worked together to offer a two-day rugby clinic to all Wyoming high school students ages 14-18, male or female. This initiative is designed with a vision to grow the numbers of student rugby players in Wyoming. The Wyoming High School 2018 Rugby Clinic will bring all high school rugby players together to introduce rugby, establish a strong technical foundation for understanding of the game, provide opportunities for skills development, and increase fitness. Furthermore, this clinic will encourage athletes to apply their technique under increased pressure and act instinctively in both attack and defense.  This clinic is suitable for rugby players of all skill levels; beginner to advanced.

After the clinic, the WRO will organize tournaments in Wyoming at various locations that will be open to all rugby players. These tournaments will be designed in such a way that allows players to participate as teammates with other players from across Wyoming. This will allow all athletes to interact with one another, develop playing skills, and have fun competing against one another. These tournaments will then serve as the foundation of the Wyoming student rugby community as high school rugby programs are developed in each major town or county in Wyoming.   

Clinic Overview

Wyoming High School 2018 Rugby Clinic

Hosted by Wyoming Rugby Organization in the Indoor Practice Facility on the campus of the University of Wyoming. This two-day Wyoming Rugby High School rugby clinic is open to all skill levels, and no experience is needed. The staff will introduce rugby and establish a strong foundation for an understanding of the game, work to develop game skills, increase the fitness of participants, and encourage athletes to apply their technique in attack and defense.  Available for male and female athletes ages 14 – 18.

Registration Open  |  Female and Male: 14 -18 years of age .
Clinic dates are held on Saturday, January 27th: 2pm – 6pm and Sunday, January 28th: 9am – 1pm.

Registration is $55 per athlete and $10 off discount for families with 2 or more athletes. Deadline for registration is Friday, January 19th.
Late registration is $60 per athlete. Beginning Saturday, January 20th and closes Thursday, January 25th.
Living Accommodations: wyoming rugby official hotel sponsor Laramie is the official hotel Sponsor for the Wyoming High School 2018 Rugby Clinic. This beautiful hotel sits a few blocks away from the University of Wyoming campus and UW Indoor Practice Facility. WRO has a block of rooms reserved for all participants and parents. Single and double bed at $79 per room.  Parents and athletes can call the hotel direct at 307-721-9000, and reference “The Wyoming Rugby” block.

If you are interested in donating equipment, sponsoring and or advertising, please contact Bobby:307-399-4687 or bwatkins@wyomingrugby.com. Your support is greatly appreciated! 

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