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Welcome to Wyoming Rugby Organization Coaches page – the home for coaching rugby in Wyoming.  Here you’ll find a range of resources to support you in your coaching career, from registration with USA rugby, coaching courses, resources and more.


Why Coach Rugby?

A decade ago rugby in the U.S. hardly existed, the sport is now clearly flexing its muscles. Since 2004, rugby participation in the U.S. has grown 350 percent–and, if pop culture tells us anything, it won’t be slowing down anytime

Coaching is a great way to express your passion for a sport and be actively involved instead of standing on the sidelines.It is not only exciting and self satisfying but you can have a positive influence on people’s lifelong involvement in rugby or any other sports. It will also help you to keep you active both mentally and physically.There are many ways in ways to get involved, such as helping your local club, getting involved in your children’s sporting activities or even helping to support the next elite sports star!




Under the new coaching structure every coach, regardless of their background is responsible for completing the following requirements in order to have an “active” standing with USA Rugby. If you want guaranteed liability coverage then your team needs to be considered “in compliance”. Having a registered and “active” coach is one of the 3 requirements for a team to be considered “in compliance”.

A coach is considered “active” for the membership cycle when they complete the following (for detailed instructions on how to complete each step, select the menu item on the left):

1.Register as a coach with USA Rugby

2.Pass a biennial background screening

3.Complete the Player Protection Package

4.Complete a certification course

5.Annually maintain “active” status

(Note: These are the minimum requirements in order to be in compliance with USA Rugby regulations. Please be sure to contact Wyoming Rugby Organization at or 307-399-4687 to make sure you are in compliance with any locally enforced regulations.


Register as a COACH

For instructions on how to register click here

 ▪  By selecting “Coach” as your role you will automatically receive a biennial background screening.

USA Rugby Coaching Level 100

Level 100 serves as an introduction to the game of Rugby and the basics of the coaching process. Completion of this course is required prior to attending a Level 200 course.
For  more information about coaching level 100 click here

USA Rugby Coaching Level 200

All contact teams require an active Level 200 Coach to be in compliance with USA Rugby.
Coaches must already be a Level 100 coach before registering to attend a Level 200 clinic. Once you take the Level 100 please email your Rugby Ready certification to to have it associated to your profile.

The Level 200 Coach Certification consists of online pre-course work and attendance at an in-person clinic. The course structure helps to blend the “how to coach” theory with the practical implementation of coaching Rugby.

The Level 200 Coach Certification focuses on player welfare and teaching players the technical skills to play safely. The assessment requires coaches to demonstrate effective coaching techniques. These techniques include teaching through games, technical skill development through progressions and collaborative coaching.

For more information about coaching level 200 click here

Coaching Resources

For all USA Rugby resources, coaching requirements, and credits click coaching resources below

Coaching resources