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What is Rookie Rugby?

Rookie Rugby is USA Rugby's brand of flag rugby! It is designed to give players a fun, safe, and exciting rugby experience. The rules are simple, the game is easy to learn and minimal equipment is needed!


Rookie Rugby is the non-contact version of rugby that has been developed for schools and communities to introduce their young athletes to a fun sport! Play is free-flowing and continuous, with running, passing, and scoring!


Flag or two hand touch may be used, Rookie Rugby is designed for boys and girls of all ages. Many different curriculums have been created for all different age groups. Rookie Rugby can be played in any indoor or outdoor open space.

Rookie Rugby logo smal  promotes TEAMWORK, HEALTH & FITNESS, excellent SKILLS, and FUN!!!

  • Flag Rugby Keeps it Safe!

  • Flag Rugby Keeps it Simple!

  • Flag Rugby is Easier to Referee!

  • Flag Rugby Encourages Co-Ed Play!

  • Flag Rugby Promotes Continuity

Athlete Benefits of Rookie Rugby

1.Emphasis on continuous activity

2.Promotes health and wellness

3.Teaches respect for self and others

4.Enhances motor skill development

5.Encourages good sportsmanship

Program Benefits of Rookie Rugby

1.Extremely low cost
2.Revenue generating
3.Easy to implement
4.Instructional support available
5.Game can be tailored to meet program needs
6.Creates connections to a global community