Cheyenne Youth Rugby 2018 Summer Camp

June 27, 2018 WRO

Cheyenne Youth Rugby, in partnership with the Wyoming Rugby Organization and USA Rugby is bringing the second annual non-contact youth (boys and girls) flag rugby to Cheyenne! Rugby is a fun and exciting international sport that fosters a fantastic community. We are proud to be starting this program in Cheyenne that will bring rugby’s core values of discipline, respect, passion, solidarity and integrity to kids that will endure for a lifetime.

Cheyenne Youth Rugby will host a summer camp on Mondays, July 9th-August 6th from 6 to 7pm at North Cheyenne Community Park.  Youth in grades 2-6 are welcome to come learn the fundamentals of one of the fastest growing sports in America. 

cheyenne youth rugby club

Cheyenne Youth Rugby’s mission is to continue from our great start last year with the development of a fantastic activity for kids in our city and county.“My goal is to introduce a sport to our youth that has glued me to the people of Wyoming since 1990” said David Finnoff, the camp’s director. “As the current head coach of University of Wyoming Men’s Rugby and a former graduate and athlete of UW, I’m eager to return my love of the game to the community. Rugby is a perfect complement to other youth activities  offered to families of Cheyenne, and flag rugby offers the opportunity to try rugby out safely.  Rugby is fun, inexpensive, and a sport where every player has the opportunity to do everything--no matter your shape or size you can run, pass, and carry the ball. Most importantly, rugby is built on values that families of the players who participate. I believe, like all team sports, that it helps people turn into dependable, hard working individuals who bond tightly with those and the community around them.”

Wyoming Rugby Organization is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit sanctioned to develop and grow the sport of rugby in Wyoming ( The focus of the organization is on development, safety, sportsmanship, and the strengthening of Wyoming rugby players character by introducing the core values of rugby. We are excited for this opportunity and look forward to building this program in our community.  

Girls and Boys: 2nd - 6th grade. **Flag Rugby**
Camp days are held on Mondays (6:00pm - 7:00pm) from July 9th to August 6th.

Registration only $15 per child.
Registration, ball, & t-shirt $35 per child.

Please register online by clicking button below or in person on the first day of camp.


•David Finnoff (Head Coach, University of Wyoming Men's Rugby), 407-625-1826

•Bobby Watkins (Executive Director, Wyoming Rugby Organization), 307-399-4687